Hi, my name is Shonagh Terry and I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist.

Welcome to my Website

Having navigated to my site, you are obviously wondering if Hypnotherapy can help you with a concern or condition you are struggling with. Well done.  You have just taken your first big step.  I believe I can help you. Help you to improve, control or banish altogether what it is that is holding you back.

What can I offer you with Hypnotherapy?
  • the first 30 minutes of our first consultation is free, and you will only be charged if you decide to proceed.
  • you will feel listened to, respected and much more relaxed, calmer and focused after your Hypnotherapy intervention
  • I will supply you with a MP3 to listen to between sessions
  • I offer some text and email support, if needed, between sessions.

Call me on 01506 794606, or call or text me on 0772 474 1570,

or Select the Packages and Bookings tab, complete the form and I’ll call you back.

Email me on: info@access2balance.co.uk

Examples of the Some of the Conditions I Treat:

Weight Loss and Eating Issues                                    Anxiety and Stress    
Hypnobirthing                                                               Insomnia
Smoking Cessation                                                      Pain Management
Irritable Bowel Syndrome                                             Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 
Phobias                                                                        Panic Attacks
Teeth Grinding / Nail Biting                                          Public Speaking
Exam and Pre-wedding Nerves                                  Performance Anxiety                                                            


We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.” 

~ Author Unknown